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Congratulations to Shirley for Celebrating

                 " 20 Years" 

Tattooing Permanent Make Up in Ocean County

She continues to have passion for the beauty industry, especially  being able to give back to so many beautiful women and men in our community . She is both blessed and grateful to be able to give  to so many who are challenged from Cancer, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Alopecia, or any sort of hair loss, having to draw their eyebrows and eyeliner on daily. She  also gets to give to some of her clients who live with Multiple Sclerosis , but have loss the use of their hands and still desire to wear make up daily . As well as,  all of her clients that just want  Permanent Make up to save some time in their busy day. The compassion Shirley has for her clients is hard to put into words.

She continues to study in any advanced education classes every chance she gets.

Shirley is a Certified Dermatician specializing in the application of Micro-Pigmentation. She  is very thankful to have been Certified from some of the best teachers in the Permanent Cosmetic Industry,  studying under...

       ~ Elizabeth Finch Howell of Derma Medical/International in                   Pennsylvania  1987-1998  Dermatician Certification.

      ~  Rosemarie Beauchemin of The Beau Institute. Advanced

          Camouflage/Areola techniques/Color Theory from 2000                    -2007,  in continuing education and advanced classes                         in  New Jersey. 

      ~  Rachel Hall along with Isabel Calleros of The Breast Institute            in Scottsdale Arizona in 2005. Certified for Breasthetics                      Procedures of 3D Nipple and Areola .

      ~  Anna Riveria and Isabel Calleros for Advanced Micro                        Blading at Metamorphosis Clinical Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic                  in Arizona in 2017. 

       ~  Tina Davies Professional of Canada.  Blade and Shade                      Micro Blading and Shading,  NYC 2018.

        ~  Licensed by The Ocean County Health Department since                  1998.

        ~  Board Certified Diplomat of The American Academy of                      Micropigmentation   AAM


Shirley would like to first thank, her Parents for their Love and Guidance in raising her to be the Woman she has become today. Her family and children for all the love and support they give her every day of her life. Her dearest of friends who are always there for her no matter what . And A Very Special Thank You to all of her beautiful clients that trust in her work, professional relationship and friendships we have made throughout these years. Without any of you, I would not be successful and blessed.

Shirley was born and raised in New Jersey, growing up here at the Beautiful Jersey Shore with her loving parents and sisters, since the age of 3.  As a young girl, Shirley had a passion for Fashion and Beauty.  One of her favorite memories through High School was Modeling for one of her Business classes, DECA, which took her to Regional, State and National Modeling Competitions. Having the support of her two favorite teachers, Ms. Ferens and Mr. Albano, not only helped her in her competitions , but also educated her in Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship in Business and Finance.  After High School she continued to Model in some Fashion shows and for a Bridal Company. She had some dreams of going to Fashion Design School or to continue Modeling, but decided to work for her father in Construction for a couple of years before making her next career move. (Yes, Shirley is also a Tom Boy at times and worked side by side with her father getting dirty out in the field.)  In that same time frame one of her sisters convinced her to go to Beauty School. Her sister had already graduated and was working in this field, so she decided to go for it. In 1987 Shirley and her sister, along with their family opened the doors of their first business here in Toms River. Razberri's Hair and Nail Salon.  Shirley had the opportunity to work alongside of her 3 sisters and many wonderful employees and friends. Meeting the best clients she could have ever asked for. Most became her friend. Razberri's is one of the most successful Salons here in Ocean County, throughout the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's. Today it is still making the people of our community beautiful each and every day!!   In 1998 Shirley decided to follow another beauty endeavor studying Clinical and Cosmetic Tattooing. Shirley opened the doors of her Studio, Permanent Cosmetics of Ocean County, LLC., as Owner/Operator.