​​​​​​​​​​​​​~Top Eyeliner

 ~Tattooing of a Top eyeliner

   ~additional fee will apply for 2 different         colors on top eyelid or Extra Thick             top line~ will be determined at time           of  consult

  ~   Bottom Eyeliner

  ~   An Eyeliner tattooed             along your bottom lash         line.


~  Eyelash Enhancement

   ~Tattooing between Top          Lashes only


Eyebrow Correction 

~ Eyebrow Correction,        ~ Camouflage or Scar          ~ Cover Ups



 ~  Beauty Mark

 ~Tattooing of a Beauty            Mark 

​  ~ Full Lip Color

    ~ Tattooing of your Full            Lip      

      Adding colors to                    enhance your lips


​   ~ Lip Liner

​  Tattooing of a lip liner


~  Permanent Eyebrows

~  A Solid Traditional Brow          Using A Digital Tattoo              Machine.  


All Permanent Cosmetic and Touch Up Prices will be discussed with Shirley and will be given at the time of your Consult .


  ~ Touch Ups

​    ~ Eyebrows

    ~ Eyeliner




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​​​​  ~ Micro Blading  

  ~  3D  Eyebrow

  ~  Eyebrow   Feathering~      ~Semi -permanent               brows using a                     hand tool that gives             a 3D Natural Hairline